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100femmes….  In French “cent femmes”.  A remarkable project that is started by a playwright and director from Barcelona, Angels Aymar en Collectif Lyon.05. 100 Women from Eindhoven and surroundings on stage in the Parktheater with a script that was formed through them and with them. On July 19th 2013 a simalar show took place in Barcelona.100femmes foto 1

100 Women on stage at the same time. 100 Women who show their vision of themselves, the city, the world and the time they live in. With music, a DJ, movements, monologues, dialogues, singing and maybe more, they will be made visible.

In June there was a meeting where Àngels was present. When she spoke, all the 100 women were quiet. An accomplishment in itself. With charisma and enthusiasm she took all of us with her in her idea, her dream. In this time that is so difficult for a lot of people, she wants to sow that it is possible to create something big. To show with 100 women, and a supporting team, what you can create, thát you can create! Wow, what a passion. What a feeling! Feeling warm and enthusiastic I, and most of the other women, left the theatre that night. Looking forward to a great adventure, the adventure of 100Femmes.

In August, the 19th, was the first night we met our group leaders and the other ladies. In groups of 25 women we learned the names, in a playful way. We also were asked to read a little. The purpose was to get a first impression of everyone using her voice and presenting herself. vond de kennismaking plaats. To my surprise we read from the first, draught, version of the script. Composed from the answers to the questions we were asked before. We could get a glimpse of what the play would be like. A great first impression I might say. Diverse, exciting, dynamic, contemporary, new age. Allready I was touched by it. That promises something!

Women who wanted to, could sing solo. It was a-capella, so it was not easy, that is for sure. I’m happy to say it was not like Idols, although the level of singing and performing was very diverse. Besides, I could not let the opportunity go to let my voice be heard. But the most important is that we do the play together.

The script will be written during the 10 days  before the perfomances on September 6th and 7th. 100femmes foto 2 The women will rehearse 5 hours a day. The moment I wrote this blog (in Dutch) there were 6 days left before the rehearsels started. I will take lots of time but such a remarkable project is something that I want to be part of with 99 other women. I want to live through that. And I wil write about it and share it. So, to be continued….

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