100Femmes (2) We have a voice

Today it really starts, the project 100Femmes. Curious, eager, a bit tense; what is going to happen, how will it be? You can read it on all of the faces. One is enthusiastic, the other (still) a bit quiet. Everyone deals with it in her own way.

Àngels, the director, speaks to us. Just as during the information meeting she knows to touch us with her words, her passion. “You all came with different reasons but you answered the same call”. Further she tells us that during the rehearsels we are in a different space, a different reality. The daily life and the worries we should leave behind when we enter the door. “Here you can listen to yourself, here is time for you. Enjoy it! Use it to your advantage”. She tells us to learn from the contact with the other women. What does the other with you? Do everything with respect and humour. We are all equal, we are a collective in the service of the project. “In your live you set goals, you have goals to give sense to your live. The theatre is a mirror of live.” The message of 100Femmes is: we have a voice and your presence is powerful.

Reasons to join 100Femmes
100 Women in the age of 18 to 80. Everyone unique. Everyone with her own story. Why do women join this project? Many women love singing, dancing, acting and dream of being on stage. There are also women who have had a difficult time for all sorts of reasons, they see this project as a chance to change their live. To make a new start. Others want to get out of their shell, to overcome being shy. Many ladies work, take care of children and family, they are allways busy to help others. They see this project as a chance to do something for themselves.  Just being herself and have time for herself. To connect wiht others, new friendships, is also a reason to join.

Why did I start? At the moment I saw the advert, it started “bubbling” in me. The idea, the concept grabbed me and I could not let it go. This project is something I have to be part of. I have learned to trust my intuition. It has let me to many wonderful decisions and experiences. Now I expect to be part of a beautiful experience. To develop a play in 10 days with 99 other women and, of course, the supporting team. Give everything, change bouderies.

What a start. The thing that I remembered most from this first day is the openness and the respect for each other. Women who told in a couple of sentences of a difficult period they have had and want te make a new start. Not dramatic, but the short story moved the others even more, I guess. Also there were women who were evidently nervous to speak in front of 99 women and the team. They were really supported by everyone. And people listened. How hard is it to listen to people introducing themselves and keep paying attention? How man times people start talking then? Everyone, up till the 100th woman got attention and space. Wow!

Comments, especially from those who are involved with 100Femmes, are welcome!



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